For $1300, Japanese fans of the series will be able to purchase Resident Evil 6 bundled with a replica of protagonist Leon’s coat.

I sometimes think about what I’d buy with $1300. A giant TV, perhaps? Some new clothes? A bookcase? Oh, I know! A plane ticket to Japan! I’ve always wanted to take a vacation there. And while I’m there, according to developer Capcom, I could take a few minutes out of my holiday to find and purchase one of its limited Resident Evil 6 Special Edition packs. The pack would cost me a cool $1300 (105,000 Yen), much like my plane ticket, and would include four phone case covers and a snazzy replica of Leon’s leather jacket.

The pack is available for pre-order now (the discs are “printhing [sic],” according to the listing), with Leon’s jacket available in Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large. No translations mention a Leon-coat designed in a female cut. The phone covers shown on the page reveal that Leon, Chris, Jake, and “SECRET” will feature on one phone cover each. At the moment the pack is only available to Japanese gamers.

The jacket would seem to be the main focus here, though. What can we say about it? It’s made of leather, has many functional pockets, little shoulder-hook things and a few cosmetic strips here and there. Leon looks dashing enough in it. Do leather jackets normally cost this much? What kind of leather are we talking here? While we’re on the subject, an official replica of Adam Jensen’s (hot as all proverbials) trenchcoat is a fraction of the price. But then again, it doesn’t include phone covers or a copy of the game.

Resident Evil 6 and its $1300 Japanese Special Leathery Edition will be released on October 2 2012.

Source: Eurogamer

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