Chinese officials state the huge ring of steel’s purpose is purely for “tourism”.

There is certainly precedent for building large monuments that serve no other purpose than to impress the world. There’s the Pyramids at Giza, of course, and the Colossus of Rhodes. In modern times you could say the St. Louis Arch, Mt. Rushmore and London’s Millennium Eye fit that bill. The Chinese city of Fushun is putting the finishing touches on a similar structure – a 157 meter high “halo” made of 3,000 tons of steel called the Ring of Life. Critics are upset about the waste of materials and labor needed to create the building, but perhaps there’s another purpose in mind.

A Chinese official from Fushun named Xia Hongjun said the city had difficulty building entertainment facilities because of the relatively small population of Fushun. Its total of 1.3 million people only ranks Fushun as China’s 75th largest city. I suppose that many people is small potatoes to the Chinese, so Fushun’s municipal government built the Ring of Life to encourage tourism. Four elevators will be installed in the building to bring sightseers up to the top.

Ok, sure. Tourism. But from where?

I’m not outright accusing China of building a portal to allow aliens to invade Earth, but how can we be sure that’s not what they have in mind? I don’t see any glyphs or markings on the Ring of Life, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Is China completing a secret Stargate program based on years of study in wormhole physics since discovering a Stargate in the Himalayas? That would be preposterous, because there’s no known source of naquadah on Earth … unless the Chinese are trading with the Goa’uld?!

Man, this conspiracy just keeps getting better and better.

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