On the Wednesday of E3 our exceptional crew brings you the latest news in Tweet form.

Have no fear as we are your eyes, ears and nose of E3. Thanks to the future we are able to keep you informed of all things E3 through the wonders of Twitter. After a productive Monday and Tuesday, we bring you further snarky commentary from the E3 show floor.

If you would like to stay ahead of the game you can always just follow the away team made up of Steve Butts, Susan Arendt, Mike Kayatta and Sarah LeBoeuf as they make their way through the heart of darkness known as Los Angeles.

I was unconvinced about Persona 4 Arena until I saw it in action yesterday. It’s super cool…even if @AtlusAram totally kicked my ass. – Susan Arendt

Sony’s new slogan, Never Stop Playing, seems a tad unhealthy. – Mike Kayatta

Hey, LA cabs: thanks for consistently being such a nightmare. – Sarah LeBoeuf

Events of this cab ride: being scolded for not having cash. Offered gum. The Bangles Eternal Flame. – Susan Arendt

Escapist E3 team’s new game rating system: Table Flip or Table Fort. – Mike Kayatta

First appointment: seeing The Last of Us. Awesome way to start day two. – Sarah LeBoeuf

Guy from Portugal who listens to the podcast just recognized me by my voice. Kinda neato. – Susan Arendt

I’m so hungry this bag of Sun Chips might be my best of show. – Sarah LeBoeuf

Got to play Unfinished Swan. The tables will say unflipped…for now. – Susan Arendt

Just saw Beyond and I am so psyched about it. – Sarah LeBoeuf

WTF is up with the bows and arrows this year? Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Crysis all love the bow. – Steve Butts

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