Sign up now for Magic: The Gathering, our Cosplay fashion show, multiplayer game tournaments, and more!

Event registration is now open for the Escapist Expo! If you’ve already signed up for your one- or three-day badge, you’re all set to reserve your place to compete in any of the Expo’s weekend activities. If you haven’t already registered for the con, why not? Head on over to the Expo’s registration page to get started.

Registration for the following events is now open. Visit our event page to sign up and reserve your spot!

Magic: The Gathering – September 15th

Come Saturday, we’ll be hosting a Standard Constructed tournament alongside our organizing partners, Sci-Fi Genre beginning at 10:00 A.M. All proceeds from the competition will be donated to Gamers Helping Gamers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young Magicites get to college, founded by Magic pro Jon Finkel (who, by the way, will be attending Saturday’s event!).

Entry to the tournament is $25.

You can read more about our Magic presence here.

Multiplayer Tournaments – September 14th, 15th, and 16th

We’ll be hosting numerous gaming competitions all weekend long, featuring titles such as Halo, Street Fighter, and Gears of War. Each day of the Expo will feature one 4v4 single elimination shooter-style tournament, and one 1v1 single elimination fighting-style tournament. As the events draws nearer, we’ll be announcing additional games and details.

Tournament entry is $10.

Cosplay Contest – September 15th

We hope to see all sorts of Doctors, Chells, and Captain Mals through the Expo, but Saturday will be something special. Anyone planning on attending in Cosplay can now sign up for our Cosplay contest. All registered cosplayers will first be seen by an independent panel of judges led by Chiki of the D20 Girls Project, and after, we’re hosting a fashion show! Winners will be chosen by a combination of their costume craftsmanship and the level of applause they can muster from their fellow Escapists.

For more information on registering for our cosplay competition, visit the registration page here.

You can read more about our Cosplay contest here.


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