Fez studio Polytron has made it official: The hit indie game is on its way to a PlayStation platform near you.

Phil Fish may be done with Fez, but Fez obviously isn’t done with Phil. Or something like that. What really matters here is that when Polytron Producer Marie-Christine Bourdua said earlier this month that the studio had “other stuff” in the works, she wasn’t kidding.

That “other stuff,” or at least some of it, turns out to be a PlayStation version of Fez. Which PlayStation, you ask? Try all of them, or all of the currently-relevant ones anyway: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, with cross-platform play supported between the PS3 and Vita.

PlayStation Fez is being developed by Blit Software, a studio that specializes in porting existing games to new platforms and is also working on the PS Vita version of Spelunky. No release date has been set but Polytron said on its website that the game is “coming soon.”

Source: Polytron


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