The world’s largest gaming retailer is researching “technologies” to create a secondhand digital market.

Love it or hate it, GameStop is a massive retailer in the gaming industry. The fact that the chain makes most of its money on used games hasn’t made publishers too happy, and many of them have gone through lengths to discourage used sales of their games, like instituting Online Passes or focusing on the digital market. However, even digital games may not be safe for long; the retailer is looking at ways to incorporate used digital sales into its business.

According to GameStop CEO Paul Raines, the retailer is considering “some technologies out there in Europe” that would allow them to create a used games market. Raines didn’t elaborate on what these “technologies” were, but noted that “a few companies, a few startups” were already using them. This isn’t the first time GameStop has ventured into digital game sales; the retailer recently partnered with Valve to sell Steam Wallet codes in stores.

Raines said that the company was not seeing used digital sales as a “meaningful business” just yet, so don’t expect to walk into GameStop tomorrow and trade in your XBLA games for some cash. As digital games become a bigger part of the industry, it’s not surprising that GameStop would try to expand their business to keep up. Considering that the retailer is already seen as a villain by publishers, developers, and even some gamers, this news is sure to ruffle a few feathers.

Source: GameSpot via Destructoid

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