The Center for Disease Control uses iconic disaster movies to detail how to survive real life disasters.

It wasn’t too long ago that the Center for Disease Control gave us its official “Zombie Apocalypse Plan” and provided some helpful tips on how best to survive the rise of the undead hordes. To help further promote disaster preparedness, the CDC recently compiled a list of iconic disaster films and how best to deal with severe weather, earthquakes, or say, an alien invasion.

The list includes cinematic classics like Deep Impact, Independence Day, and Tremors, and offers some helpful (and completely serious) survival tips along with links to more detailed guides hosted up at the CDC’s website. Not to say the CDC didn’t have a little fun writing up this list, just check out its suggestions on how best to deter an alien invasion:

In case of an alien invasion, do not attempt to save humankind all by yourself. If an alien asks you to take it to your leader, buy yourself some time by showing it a Lady Gaga music video and dial 9-1-1 while it watches. In the event an international strike force by our world’s greatest celebrity action heroes cannot prevail against the alien fleet, then…well…might as well just sit back and relax with another good disaster movie as you wait for our new alien overlords to tell us what to do.

While it’s nifty that the CDC has revealed its official zombie and alien invasion plans, one does have to ask… Do they have any advice on how to survive the coming war with the machines?


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