Japan has had their fun and now Street Fighter’s return to the big screen can be enjoyed in our native language. Also, Kristen Kreuk is still white.

Previously, on “The Legend of Chun-Li,” contributing editor John Funk attempted to make heads or tails of the confusing action flick, starring Smallville’s Kristen Kreuk. Unfortunately, his attempts were in vain as the original trailer featured was composed entirely in Japanese, leaving white folks like myself in the dark as to just what was going on. For starters, why is M.Bison (Dictator, for our international friends to avoid confusion) not sporting his signature hat and flying all about the place like a madman? Sure, I expected to find a madman, but would it hurt if instead, I were to find a god?

Anyway, lots of jumping in front of explosions and other non-Street Fighter related activities take place to the tune of your standard, opera chorus. On paper, “The Legend of Chun-Li” has a lot going for it as for the most part, the casting is about as good as it gets. Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog (Boxer), for example, is truly an inspired choice. The story itself is basic enough for a proper popcorn flick — girl loses father, becomes international agent to dish out justice, discovers that her fathers murderer is in fact a world renowned terrorist — so why, from this trailer, do I get the feeling that it’s gotten slightly more complicated than that?

It’s easy to sit around and take pot shots at video game-based movies, so we’ll leave this one up to your discretion. Still, it’s hard not to feel bad for those involved when you’re up against one of the greatest accidental comedies of all-time. “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li” hits theaters February 27.

via: MTV Multiplayer


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