The simple level editor includes original 1994 textures.

Everything old is new again. Sometimes, that’s a lament (in the case of pants), while in others, it’s a celebration. The return of Apogee’s classic FPS Rise of the Triad should certainly be cause for the latter. Interceptor Entertainment’s reboot aims to reintroduce modern audiences to a world before chest-high walls and brown-grey color schemes. If that’s not retro enough for you, it’s also releasing a point-and-click level editor that includes the original 1994 graphics.

Shortly after it launches later this month, Interceptor will release a full editor for Rise of the Triad, letting players mod it out in all its Unreal 3 Engine glory. If that’s just too modern for you, it’s also coming with a Classic Editor Mode, which lets players build levels using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Better yet, Classic Mode includes all the original textures, replete in their pixelated glory. It’s entirely possible to recreate the original levels, but with modern features like 45 degree angles and mouselook. This pairs well with the classic sound mode, which enables the original sound effects and music. Meanwhile, you can share and download user mods and maps easily, thanks to the Steam Workshop integration.

Today, we’d call Rise of the Triad an over-the-top shooter, what with the floating platforms, lack of story, and amazing array of exploding bodies. However, back in 1994, that’s just what games were. The lack of chest-high walls and grimdark story only made sense in a game that featured both god mode and dog mode power-ups. If memory serves me correctly, there were only two weapons in the game that wouldn’t render enemies into fountains of gore. In my formative years, I played Rise of the Triad more than either Doom or Duke Nukem, so it’s gratifying to see the game get so much attention recently.

Rise of the Triad will launch for PCs on July 31st. You can purchase it from the usual suspects for $15. Pre-orders also include a pack of classic Apogee shooters free.

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