Grainy photos of what could be the Nintendo Wii successor are now available for perusal.

An overwhelming number of rumors have nearly confirmed a future E3 2011 Nintendo announcement of a new home console, possibly called “Project Cafe” and more powerful than the Xbox 360. Adding to the heap, three images of rumored Project Cafe concept art have now surfaced.

Project Cafe is said to feature a controller with an embedded touchscreen that might also stream games. These images show a touchscreen controller and accompanying text talks about “Screen Stream.” The readable text says: “Screen Stream takes the 1080p image and pushes each rendered quarter to the player’s personal screen.” Following text hints that the television can then be turned off during a multiplayer game, allowing for private, local multiplayer. Further, a second paragraph of text may indicate that two players using the same Project Cafe can play different Virtual Console games on their controllers at the same time.

This would also seem to confirm that Project Cafe will bring Nintendo into the true HD era, as the Wii only supported a resolution of 480p. Super Mario Bros. in 1080p? Say it ain’t so.

The problem with these images is that Project Cafe mock-ups have been flying around the internet since it was first unveiled by the rumor mill. These are pretty good fakes, if they’re fake, as some of the little details in the images give them an official air: the side diagrams, the text that’s only partially revealed, etc.

Of course, they could just be pretty good fakes designed to not look fake. Of all places, they were apparently first revealed on notorious message board 4chan. Nintendo is pretty good at keeping the lid on things, so we may have to wait a month-and-a-half until E3 2011 begins on June 7 to find out the truth.

Source: Reddit

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