2Tired of 2Fort? Bored with Badwater? Is Dustbowl Dullbowl? Why not try the hide-and-go-seek “Prop Hunt” mod for Team Fortress 2, which has Pyros hunting down parts of the scenery that might be the other team in disguise?

I’ve actually played this mod before, completely by accident. The above video shows that the mod itself A.) is totally silly, B.) is a good deal of fun, and C.) works really well in conjunction with the music from Banjo-Kazooie. As described in the thread on the Steam forums, this mod pits BLU as Pyros against RED … disguised as random props.

Some RED players get to be cows. Others get to be office chairs, or stacks of tires. Still others get to be… little remote controlled frogs or something, I don’t know. The objective for the hiders is to blend in with the surroundings and survive for two minutes. The objective for the seekers is to set everything on fire. It’s actually quite a bit of fun, and as the video shows, leads to some rather ridiculous scenarios (we agree with ShackNews – 4:25 is the best part of the video).

I know what I’m playing more of this weekend!

(Via ShackNews)

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