Sony is heavily courting developers toward its Vita handheld, and we’ve got the lovey-dovey video to prove it.

Minutes ago we brought you word on the new independent games section now found on the PlayStation Vita handheld. In the wake of E3, Sony has decided to swoop in and offer indie devs a safe, lucrative platform on which to market their games, both because Microsoft has decided to take the opposite tack, and because indie games are increasingly earning as much public and critical adoration as big-budget tripe-A titles.

It seems a smart move on Sony’s part, but we just hope that the company doesn’t do anything to make it seem too needy. Business, just like romance, hinges heavily on making your partner think that you don’t need them nearly as much as they need you. We call this “playing it cool” or “being an attractively self-absorbed jerk,” but Sony apparently never learned this crucial lesson.

That video at top-right was issued alongside Sony’s announcement of the new indie games section on the Vita and it can only be described as an audiovisual mash note to any smaller developers who might one day create a Vita game. “The Vita is awesome,” it seems to say. “Our handheld won’t ever abandon you, like Microsoft has. Actually, the Vita will make you breakfast every morning, and in the fall can we meet each others parents! Have you picked out names for our kids yet?”

Then again, this is just a promotional clip from a giant, multinational corporation. It’s not capable of feeling overly attached, lust-based emotions for anything other than giant sacks of cash. Does Sony appear to be a bit too eager? Absolutely, and if this were a bar Sony would be going home alone tonight. However, it isn’t, and this metaphor got away from me quite a while ago. Let’s just be happy that the Vita has games scheduled for release in the future.

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