Final Fantasy IV is available now on iOS, and Final Fantasy V is the next game in Square Enix’s “mobile revolution.”

To accompany the release of Final Fantasy IV on iOS today, Square Enix has a new trailer for the enhanced remake of the 21-year-old RPG. As you would expect, the video highlights some features of the mobile version of FFIV, like voice acting and selectable levels of difficulty. It also reveals that additional Final Fantasy titles will be coming to iOS, starting with Final Fantasy V at some indeterminate point in the future.

“The Final Fantasy mobile revolution begins… Final Fantasy V and more…” is the tease that appears in text at the end of the trailer. There’s no way of knowing what Square Enix means by “more,” but the most obvious speculation is that Final Fantasy VI could be coming after FFV. Beyond that, maybe we’ll see the PS1 Final Fantasy games make their way to iOS, or maybe Square Enix is developing original titles using the Final Fantasy name.

Perhaps we’ll have to wait until a launch trailer for FFVI on iOS before we know more about Square Enix’s “mobile revolution.” If you’re interested in picking up Final Fantasy IV, you can download it for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch now for $15.99.

Source: Kotaku

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