Read these Sunday Funnies now, so that you can act cool when their movie versions come out.

Whenever the movie version of some comic or other comes out, there’s always some joker who acts all jaded and superior because they read it from the beginning. Here’s your chance to be that know-it-all joker, lording your experience and savvy over everyone else at the multiplex. Granted, it may take a few years, and we’re honestly not quite sure how Guillermo del Toro is going to make some of these work, but no harm in planning ahead, anyway.

Remember, if you have a favorite, be sure to let us know. If you want to catch up on any issues you’ve missed, here you go: Issue One, Issue Two, Issue Three, Issue Four, Issue Five, and Issue Six.



Paused – The untold stories of characters when the game is paused… Being forced to live out your life as a computer game character can be quite grueling. Alive only when the power is on, these virtual folk get very limited time-off between slamming each other around, getting hopelessly lost in perilous terrain and experiencing death after death after death. In fact, the only break they get is when those six large letters interrupt the action, affording them the time to vent what is truly on their minds.


Bumhug Parade

Bumhug Parade is my personal outlet for funny and not-so-funny ideas and whatnot. I try to make every page look as visually unique as possible, experiment with mediums and all that stuff. I hope that this not only entertains myself as an artist, but also you as an reader. You’ll hopefully never know what a Bumhug Parade page looks like when you load it up, and when it comes to the jokes, well, let’s hope they’re okay at least.


Name Game

Name Game is a comic about the employees working at a retail videogame store and what they have to put up with for minimum wage. It shows the funny, aggravating, and occasionally disturbing situations these employees would face and the conversations that emerged from them. The scenarios of Name Game are not only entertaining but they are also honest. After months of working at a local Gamestop I know first hand what it’s like to deal with customers who discover there isn’t much “power to the player”. Being one of the only girls employed at Gamestop also made for a unique experience. Name Game shows what we were really thinking while you were browsing the store and un-organizing the walls we spent so much time alphabetizing the day before. With an interesting array of customers, games and store policies Name Game always has a new story to tell. It exposes that a lot more goes on behind the counter then just trade-ins.


The Escapist Radio Theater

Sometimes a show’s just a show, and that’s all these five friends want to pull off. With a dilapidated but functional recording studio in their basement, Sam and Evan decide they can put together a kick ass gaming podcast and have a great time doing it. While spending the minimum of costs, of course. Is fame on the horizon? Is it even on their minds? Unlikely. Not while they’re a bit too busy with their consoles to notice.


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