The evidence suggesting a Syndicate reboot has grown even stronger, thanks to a recent trip to the trademark office by EA.

EA has filed three new trademarks for the name Syndicate, adding more weight to the growing speculation that the cyberpunk-themed real-time tactics series is being rebooted. This comes not long after Starbreeze Studios – which has been linked with the reboot for nearly two years – filed three notices with the US Copyright Office also relating to Syndicate.

The trademark filings seem to relate to a game,an online multi-player component, and a handheld version of the game. It’s not hard to imagine the Syndicate gameplay being enhanced with an online co-op mode, although speculating about a game that may not even exist seems a little redundant.

Just as with all the other rumblings of a Syndicate reboot, until there’s some kind of official confirmation, this one gets filed in the “rumor” category. Copyright and trademark filings can sometimes be indicative of new games on the horizon, but they can also be a publisher or developer making sure that no one else can get them. The announcement of a new Syndicate game would be welcomed by many, but until that actually happens, it’s probably best to adopt a position of cautious optimism.

Source: Superannuation

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