The upcoming Skyrim add-on Dawnguard features a whole new breed of undead troubles.

The first Dawnguard trailer is here and as suspected, it’s all about the vampires. But these don’t appear to be your usual brand of Elder Scrolls bloodsuckers; no, these guys fly and punch through stone walls and seem to be working on some sort of nefarious plan to bring permanent night to the world of Tamriel.

There’s not a whole lot in the way of detail but between the fast cuts, ominous music and imperious arrogance, it looks like players will be able to either hook up with this band of particularly nasty vampires – let’s call them the Exsangui-Nation – or throw their lot in with the Dawnguard, a high-level band of vampire hunters. Possibly both, since playing both ends against the middle is an Elder Scrolls staple. I wonder what happens if you join the fray as a werewolf?

I suspect that things won’t go quite as the X-Nation hopes, simply because a successful campaign against “the tyranny of the sun” sounds about as bad for the world as, say, the return of Mehrunes Dagon. That’s just the sort of shenanigans that videogame heroes were made to put a stop to.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Dawnguard add-on will cost 1600 Microsoft points and be out on Xbox Live this summer. Dates and prices for other platforms haven’t been announced.

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