The last ten years has been an interesting time in the world of comic books, as this gallery of one hundred of the best covers show.

Between civil wars, infinite crises, the deaths of decades old characters, singularly dark nights and a whole host of other weird and wonderful events, the last ten years has been an exciting time in the world of comics and nowhere is that made more clear than on the front covers of the various titles.

io9 has collected a hundred of the best covers from the decade an collated them into a gallery. They set themselves some simple rules: Only one cover per series and only comics that they felt fell under their purview – which seems to cover pretty much everything to be honest. Included in the collection are mainstream titles like The Flash or JLA to more fringe titles like Global Frequency or X-Statix.

What’s interesting when looking at these covers though, is how different they are from videogame covers; often being a lot more striking – and risqué – in their imagery and making more assumptions on the reader’s level of knowledge about a franchise or product. Of course, we’re talking about series that have run for years in some cases and a product you can usually pick up and read if it catches your eye, but still, I’d love to see game boxes taking some inspiration from these, and other, covers.

You can see the full gallery here. Can you think of anything they’ve left out, or anything you feel shouldn’t have been included? We’d love to hear what you have to say.

Source: io9


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