Comics and Cosplay: Comics Collection for May/June 2014

Stew Shearer | 26 Jun 2014 22:00
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cyclops 1

Cyclops #1+2

It's pretty well accepted as fact at this point that Scott Summers is the dullest, most boring X-man there is. He's the straight-shooter to Wolverine's rebel, the boy scout to Gambit's rogue. He's Richie Cunningham when everyone wants to be the Fonz. And yet I've always kind of liked him best. You can perhaps understand then why I was excited about the prospect of a Cyclops solo series following his time-displaced younger (the squarest version of his square character) blasting off into space to go on adventures with his galactic buccaneer father. The first two issues, in turn, do exactly what they need to do, grabbing the reader with a fun tone while also laying the foundation for organic and potentially meaningful character development. The first two issues are colorful, goofy and loaded with potential and you'd be wise to pick them up.


Favorite Moment: "Think like a pirate."

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