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Rocket Raccoon, C.O.W.L., Thor, and Superman: Comics Collection for July 2014

Marla Desat | 10 Jul 2014 22:00
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legendary star lord 1

Legendary Star-Lord #1

Legendary Star-Lord is the second Guardians of the Galaxy spin-off series from Marvel this month. Peter Quill is a good-hearted scoundrel, and finds himself in trouble at the hands of a squad of Badoon, a reptilian alien species. The Badoon are after the Mandalay Gem, a valuable and powerful mineral which has been hidden in an orphanage. Star-Lord was after the gem himself, but he ends up captured and outgunned by the Badoon. While Peter wrangles his way of this mess, we also get a cameo of X-man Kitty Pryde, and are introduced to a new character, Captain Victoria, Commander of the Spartax Royal Guard.

Unlike Rocket Racoon, the tone is little heavier, giving us glimpses of Peter's tragic loss of his mother as a child and packing in a lot of Marvel universe lore. There's still great wisecracking and gags in this book, but the motivations and characters are a little more grounded. This issue is also less forgiving to new fans than Rocket Racoon #1. A little time spent on the Marvel wiki will fill you in, but if you're unfamiliar with Peter Quill's backstory and the galactic goings-ons of the Marvel universe as a whole, some of the depth story will be lost on you.

Favorite Moment: Karaoke flashback with Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

- Marla

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