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Marla Desat | 10 Jul 2014 18:00
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Lumberjanes 4 cover

Lumberjanes #4

The Lumberjane scout camp for girls has some odd creatures living in the forest nearby. Sea monsters, three-eyed foxes, and now yetis have stood in the way of five best friends trying to decipher the mystery of the Bearwoman and the lights in the woods. Jo, April, Mal, Molly, and Ripley discovered last issue that the warning delivered by the three-eyed foxes, "Beware the kitten holy", was an actually an anagram for "In the tower by the lake." The girls' scout leader Jen is keeping a close eye on the girls, but when the troupe stumbles on a boy's camp near the lake, the girls take the opportunity to sneak away and explore the tower.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite new series. The characters are nuanced, every strange creature delivers a new take on the mythological beasts that inspired it, and the art is bright and lively. The casually magic forest is a great setting, and though Jen is only beginning to realize that the girls' stories of monsters are true, there are hints at a much bigger story going on behind the current mystery. The boys' camp is certainly more than it seems, and Lumberjanes camp director Rosie definitely knows more than what's she has let on. There's a lot going on here, though, so new readers will want to pick up the back-issues (and I found myself needing to re-read previous issues to keep everything straight).

Favorite Moment: "I am going to catch a fish by wrestling it away from a bear."

- Marla

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