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Rocket Raccoon, C.O.W.L., Thor, and Superman: Comics Collection for July 2014

Marla Desat | 10 Jul 2014 18:00
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Superman Unchained 7 cover large

Superman Unchained #7

While DC has been far more focused on advertising the fact John Romita Jr. is now working on the main Superman series, my biggest bit of recent excitement when it comes to Man of Steel matters is the latest issue of Superman Unchained. Scott Snyder's take on the character can perhaps be a bit full at times when it comes to ideas, but it's always been an excellent read and continues to be with issue #7. You've got Superman duking it out with the US Army (and actually getting his ass kicked). You've got Batman and Wonder Woman barely holding their own against the series' baddie Wraith. It's just a fun book in a series that really needs to release at a more frequent clip.

Favorite Moment: "The choices I make about when I fight, how I fight, how I live my life inside and outside of this... Those choices mean that Superman, as I've created him, he can't last forever."

- Stew

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