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Archie Dies and Ragnarok Rocks: Comics Collection for July 24th, 2014

Stew Shearer | 24 Jul 2014 15:49
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conan the avenger 4

Conan the Avenger #4

While I initially liked Conan the Avenger when it first launched, issues 2 and 3 left me very much underwhelmed. Where Brian Woods' preceding Conan the Barbarian had been almost perfectly on target and emotionally impactful, Fred Van Lente's continuation of the story seemed content to meander between immediately forgettable action scenes. With issue 4, however, the Shadows Over Kush storyline seems to be taking off finally and even manages to recapture some of the wonderful grim thoughtfulness that defined Wood's time with the character. It would seem the answer was just to put Conan back in a position of power. Whereas Van Lente had a tendency to over-emphasize Conan's cocky aggressive side while running solo, he does a better job of portraying his intelligence and empathy now that the character has been promoted to captain of the guard. Moreover, the plots and conspiracies unfolding around Conan now seem to be catching their stride and help to elevate issue 4 up to the level of storytelling that Conan fans have come to expect from Dark Horse's comics in recent years.

Favorite Moment: "I was born on the battlefield! War was my midwife, and she has never failed me!"

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