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Archie Dies and Ragnarok Rocks: Comics Collection for July 24th, 2014

Stew Shearer | 24 Jul 2014 19:49
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ms marvel 6

Ms. Marvel #6

After taking up the mantle of Ms. Marvel, assembling a costume and completing a successful rescue in the first five issue arc, Kamala Khan has begun to settle into a heroic routine. The Inventor has sent out his robots to track down Kamala, and she has started to systematically take them out. Hearing bizarre sounds in the sewer, she investigates and discovers a cache of alligators under the bionic influence of the Inventor. Wolverine wanders into the same trap, on the trail of a missing student who may have joined the Inventor's cult. The two team up to get out of the sewers and knock a few alligator skulls around.

This issue's art is by Jake Wyatt, and it continues Adrian Alphona's fantastic expressions from Ms. Marvel #1-5. I kept changing my mind about my favorite panel every few pages. From Kamala's shape shifting into a sofa to Wolverine's reluctant role as mentor, this series continues to satisfy.

Favorite Moment: "I totally put you first in my fantasy hero team-up bracket!"
- Marla

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