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Captain Carrot and Batgirl: Comics Collection for August 21, 2014

Marshall Lemon | 21 Aug 2014 18:00
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batgirl 34

Batgirl #34

Gail Simone's run on Batgirl is coming to a premature end, and while that's disappointing for her fans, it's a great time to throw in a gripping ending. The misguided Knightfall is finally carrying out her grand plan: Kill every criminal in Gotham in a single evening. Batgirl, naturally won't stand for that, but she'll need help to stop her, specifically a who's-who from DC's superheroine community.

And since Simone was also well known for her work on Birds of Prey, it's a great opportunity to bring in familiar faces for the finale: Black Canary and Huntress teaming-up with Batgirl to take out Knightfall's cruise ship. Sure, Barbara isn't Oracle anymore, but it's always nice to see the team working together. And yes, I know Huntress has a different alter ego in New 52. My answer to that: Shut up. It still looks fantastic.

Unfortunately, since Simone herself hadn't originally planned to end her run here, the conclusions feels a little sudden and anti-climatic than it might have otherwise. But it's not inappropriate either, closing with a tender moment instead of the usual "then I punched the bad guy in the face and saved the day". Regardless, it leaves an opening for Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher to take over in a few months. Meanwhile, if you really need more Simone on Batgirl, she'll be treating the Batgirl: Future's End crossover book as an epilogue that I'm sure won't be wiped out by time-traveling shenanigans.

Favorite Moment: "Show off."
"It worked, didn't it?"

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