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Captain Carrot and Batgirl: Comics Collection for August 21, 2014

Marshall Lemon | 21 Aug 2014 18:00
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genius 2

Genius #1 & 2

While reading Genius, it's really hard not to think of the events that are still unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri. While Genius was conceived and developed well in advance, now any discussion about its content will have a real-world police action hanging overhead like a bloody specter. Whether that can actually help the conversation remains to be seen, but it certainly makes the book all the more relevant.

Genius posits that the next great military leader of our age, our answer to Napoleon or Alexander the Great, is a black teenager from South LA named Destiny. Raised in an environment torn apart by crime, violence, and an overzealous police force, Destiny sees only one solution: Use her brilliant tactical mind to secede a three block neighborhood from the United States. As the first issue opens, she's already won her initial victory and united gangs against the police. But as SWAT teams prepare their inevitable response, Destiny must ready her soldiers for a war no one else could ever prepare for.

Destiny isn't necessarily the hero of this story, which Genius' own creators have implied. But if Destiny is a villain, she's a sympathetic one, especially with Ferguson so raw in everyone's mind. The series is being published as a weekly five-part series, so it'll be very easy to catch up and see where Destiny's battles lead.

Favorite Moment: "I think... I think I like this game."
- Marshall

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