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Captain Carrot and Batgirl: Comics Collection for August 21, 2014

Marshall Lemon | 21 Aug 2014 18:00
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multiversity 1

Multiversity #1

Multiversity is the latest universe-defining project to come from DC scribe Grant Morrison, and it's already looking to be one of his most imaginative. Similar to Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory, each chapter of Multiversity tells a standalone story as interlocking scenes combine to form a greater tale. Unlike Seven Soldiers, which focused on individual characters, Multiversity deals in dimensions, exploring lesser-known universes from the New 52 as well as our own.

In this first issue (also the first half of a bookend storyline) President Superman of Earth 23 is summoned to aid the champions of the multiverse after Earth 7 is invaded by a powerful evil. Forming a recon squad with Captain Carrot (no, really), Aquawoman, and an especially geeky Flash, Superman finds himself on the next world about to fall under threat: the suspiciously Marvel-esque Earth 8.

Multiversity #1 will soon be getting a full review from The Escapist, and you can read specific details about the book there. But I'll say this much: If you enjoy pouring over every single panel for obscure comics references, from DC or otherwise, you will enjoy Multiversity immensely.

Favorite Moment: Baby Wonder Woman and Baby Steel. Not joking.
- Marshall

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