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Starlight Meets Scratch and Sniff Harley - Comics Collection Oct. 30

Marshall Lemon | 30 Oct 2014 22:20
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This week, Starlight draws to a close, something smells with Harley Quinn's annual, and Neil Gaiman puts out a dark children's storybook.

When I was a kid, I used to collect comics every week from the local shop. After a while, I started focusing exclusively on trade paperbacks and graphic novels; following a handful of books and having to wait for weeks to get a payoff could be such a pain. Thankfully working with The Escapist's Comics & Cosplay team introduced me to a ton of new books and series that make the wait a little easier... and we'll use this week's Comics Collection to introduce you to some of our favorites.

This week, I checked out Batman in Arkham Manor, celebrity superheroes in The Multiversity: The Just, the students of Morning Glories, and the bastards of Southern Bastards. I even managed to squeeze in the dark children's storybook Hansel & Gretel from Neil Gaiman and Lorenzo Mattotti.

Meanwhile, Stew Shearer discussed the ending of Starlight, and the latest happenings of Copperhead, Superman, and Ragnarok.

Finally, Marla Desat sniffs out the scratch and sniff Harley Quinn Annual #1, before bringing it home with The Wicked + The Divine, Inhuman, and the Legends of Baldur's Gate series.

But first, let's take a look at:

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