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The Exorcism in Indiana - What in the Hell Happened?

Devan Sagliani | 18 Jun 2014 17:00
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Which brings us to Indiana. For Latoya Ammons, the trouble started in March of 2012, four full months after she and her three kids had moved into a rental house in Gary, along with their grandmother Rosa Campbell. What started out as the sound of wet footsteps late at night and creaking doors escalated into a 12-year-old daughter levitating off her bed and hollering bloody murder at 2 a.m. Campbell claims to have been awoken by the screams and witnessed the occurrence as well. The girl then allegedly fell back to the bed and awoke with no memory of the incident, but the fun was just getting started for the Ammons family.

Latoya brought in some religious types to check things out the next week, along with two clairvoyants who told her 200 some odd demons were living in the house and that there was a portal to hell in the basement. Since renters insurance doesn't cover acts of evil, they instructed her to take matters into her own hands by building an altar down there, complete with Jesus and Mary figurines ringed with candles, to cast out the demons they claimed were residing in the house. At the suggestion of her church friends, she also poured olive oil on the children's hands and feet, hung crosses, had friends pray over the makeshift altar, and even burned sage to spiritually cleanse the residence. Things only got worse from there. We're talking headaches, windows and door slamming, and worst of all, disturbing behavior from her kids that could not easily be explained by growing pains or sibling rivalry.

By April, Latoya was at the end of her proverbial rope. She took the children to see a family physician named Dr. Geoffrey Onyeukwu. A report by the Department of Children Services states that medical staff at the doctor's office said they witnessed one of the children being lifted and thrown against the wall without anyone touching him. Later one of the boys began cursing at Onyeukwu in a demonic voice before he and his brother abruptly lost consciousness and could not be woken up. The police were called and the children were transported to the hospital. When the youngest finally came around he began violently thrashing about and cursing. It took five grown men to subdue the child. DCS family case manager Valerie Washington was then called in to evaluate the children for signs of mental illness or abuse, assuming they'd been coached into these stories by Ammons or one of her overly religious relatives. Her reports detail the children going into trances, speaking in voices not their own, and throwing tantrums, all behavior that can be easily explained by the overactive imaginations of children. That's when, according to her report, shit got really weird.

The New York Daily News reports that during one interview at the hospital Washington claims she witnessed the 9-year-old allegedly head-butting his grandmother Rosa Campbell, who took his hand and began to pray. In front of the DCS worker and Willie Lee Walker, a registered nurse who was in the room at the time of the incident, the boy then allegedly moonwalked backward up a wall and onto the ceiling "like he was gliding" before flipping over his grandmother and landing catlike on his feet.

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