Doctor Who, Fairest, and Teen Dog: Comics Collection for Sept. 18, 2014

Marshall Lemon | 18 Sep 2014 18:00
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The Escapist's Comics and Cosplay team checks out Fairest, All-New X-Men, and even one Teen Dog.

Whoever says there's such a thing as a slow comics week? Twice a month, we at The Escapist's Comics and Cosplay team put together a selection of the latest releases, and every time we find something new and exciting. Today has proven no different.

Marla Desat looked at superheroes with Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel, the reimagined deity pantheon of The Wicked + The Divine, and the hilariously silly adventures of Teen Dog. Stew Shearer dug into Batman: Future's End, the latest Nightcrawler and All-New X-Men issues, and the female Thor: God of Thunder. Even The Escapist's Ross Lincoln left his top secret Editor-Cave cave to provide his two cents on the latest Fairest collection.

Meanwhile, I humbly submit Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor, Forever Evil, Leaving Megalopolis, The Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes, and Superman/Wonder Woman for your reading pleasure. But before that, let's take a look at:

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