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Grey Carter | 26 Jun 2012 09:25
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And/or piss. Good luck not seeing that every time you read a newspaper.

"Hed," for those of you think that might be a typo, is just journo-wonk-speak for "headline." Much like the"nut graf," I suspect it exists so that mature news-purveyors such as myself can snigger about it every time it's brought up.

"Blasts," as a synonym for "criticizes," is one of those headline cliches I try very hard to avoid - not just because of the unsavory image presented in today's strip, but because, to me, it smacks of a kind of odd, casual sensationalism. You could just as easily say Kotick roasted Riccitiello (though that's also got a waft of innuendo about it) or indeed, that he dragon-punched Riccitiello. Into a lake of metaphorical fire.

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