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This Oz Comic-Con Cosplay Gallery Has The Bobafetteer

Ross Lincoln | 6 Jul 2014 06:00
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Australia may be a continent full of scary death animals, but it also has amazing cosplay.

We really are approaching Peak Convention. July is absolutely packed, with conventions in Los Angeles and Minnesota happening this weekend alone. But it's not just Americans spending this time banding together in all things nerd, Australians are also doing it, and this weekend is Oz Comic-Con, a multi-city event held simultaneously in Melbourne, Brisbane, Syndey, Perth, and Adelaide.

For obvious reasons, we weren't able to attend ourselves, but Stephen Heller was nice enough to attend the Melbourne installment in our place, and he's brought back a ton of great cosplay photos that really make it clear how dedicated the Australian geek community is. Not only is there a lot of intricate recreations of famous costumes, but some rather clever takes on iconic characters as well. For instance (SPOILER ALERT), someone mashed up Boba Fett and The Rocketeer. He's sent us so many photos that we'll be bringing you more than one gallery. Stay tuned for the second installment.

Meanwhile, first up, I think we can all agree this is by far the greatest and most adorable Dalek costume ever made. But you know what? This isn't the only outside the box Doctor Who costume in the gallery. Australians are kind of good at this. (read on for more, trust me.)

All photos taken by Stephen Heller for The Escapist.


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