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See Captain America's Wedding Dress: Oz Comic Con Cosplay Gallery 2

Ross Lincoln | 7 Jul 2014 19:50
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Even more great cosplay from Australia's multi-city Convention.

If you saw yesterday's Oz Comic Con cosplay gallery, then you know that there are some amazing cosplayers down under. And so it is that we've brought you another gallery to gawk at.

While nothing from this gallery could possibly top Boba Fett Rocketeer, it's not for lack of trying, we assure you. There's plenty of goodies here, but by far the best is the Captain America Wedding Dress which, for no reason, is a thing that exists and all is right with the world. Enjoy, true believers.

First up, some Arrow Cosplay. You know what? The Arrow costume is kind of kick ass. I don't like the show, but I don't hate the outfit.

All photos taken by Stephen Heller for The Escapist.


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