This better be the best ride ever!

Joe Blancato | 11 May 2006 13:35
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We rolled into the show at around 9:00. A couple of us decided we'd see if we could beat the rush to check out the Wii, because hey, you gotta check out the belle of the ball.

However, it turned out about 700 people had the same great idea. Read more for pics of the line, as well as to see how far it's stretched.


Some of the line.


Some more of the line. In this shot, you can see the girl on the screen talking to a few of the guys toward the front of the line.


Even more of the line.


This is an artist's rendition of how far the line stretched. Note the size of the Nintendo and Sony booths. The odds are 3:1 the employees of either company are going to fight a trench war for control of the entire West Hall.

I'm sure the Wii is really great. I mean wiiealy. I'm thinking of camping where the people with the time to check it out leave the booth, just to get some fan impressions.

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