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Battle Royale: Mario Vs Link

Ryan Heuer | 5 Nov 2012 21:30
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Special Abilities

Both heroes employ a plethora of abilities that simply do not fall easily into melee, range and mobility categories. These skills and tools are best described as special abilities.

The Mushroom Kingdom has certainly been accommodating to Mario in way of special powers.

  • Star
    The stars in Mushroom Kingdom grant Mario temporary invincibility that makes his mere touch fatal. Falling down an endless pit is the only thing Mario is vulnerable to in Star Mode.
  • Super Mushroom
    Anyone experienced in martial arts might tell you that assuming two fighters are both equally experienced; the larger, stronger one has an advantage. Mario takes this concept to unusual proportions with the use of one of the Super Mushrooms from the Mushroom Kingdom. Not to be confused with the other mushrooms in Mushroom Kingdom, the red Super Mushroom doubles Mario's size and strength, as seen in various Super Mario Bros games and Super Smash Bros games. This form empowers him with the ability to hammer slabs of brick into dust with his hand and it also gives added endurance to Mario, as he can sustain an extra hit while in his giant state.
  • Super Suits
    Last but not least, Mario employs the use of various suits in his quests to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario has a suit to fit any occasion, including everything from the Frog Suit that allows Mario to swim with ease, the Hammer Suit that gives Mario the ability to chuck an endless volley of hammers, the Tanooki Suit that lets him fly and camouflage himself to his enemies-although a conspicuous statue might not fool an opponent with even the slightest bit of intuitive sense. Later suits include the Penguin Suit, which gives Mario increased swimming skill and the ability to turn enemies into ice and the Bee Suit from Mario Galaxy, which turned Mario into a bee. The only suit missing from Mario's closet is a well made Italian formal suit for high class shindigs at Princess Peach's Palace, but Mario has always been a man more about function than style.

Link's satchel contains every obscure tool, weapon and magical accessory in Hyrule. Every dungeon rewards him with a new way to fight tangle with his foes.

  • Boomerang
    It might surprise some to learn that the boomerang's original intention was that of a hunting weapon and not a toy. It takes some finesse to actually use one accurately, but can they can pack quite the wallop. The boomerang also lets Link retrieve useful items from distance, which might be useful in combat.
  • Potions
    This mysterious red liquid from Hryule can heal heavy bodily damage to give Link a second wind against any foe. Strangely enough, his enemies in Hryule wait quite patiently while he takes time out to use one.
  • Bombs
    Bombs play an important role in Link's arsenal of sundries. They demolish cracked walls and reveal new locations during his adventure. They also cause serious damage to any foe fool enough to be near one when they explode. Their main flaw lies in how long they take to go off, giving enemies the chance to move out of harm's way, but they also create a potential danger to Link if he holds on to one for just a second too long.

Advantage: Mario
Link has an impressive cache of equipment, all of which is useful in his journey, but the sheer potency of Mario's special abilities overwhelm all the abilities that Link can bring to the table. The Super Mushroom multiplies his effectiveness, while the star proves to be the ultimate offense and defense fused together into one item. As long as Mario makes clever use of these two items, there are very few foes that he cannot subjugate.

The Victor: Mario

Link holds the edge in basic combat ability. Limit the fighters to using only their basic combat abilities and Link should find defeating Mario to be an easy task; however, assuming that both characters have access to their full array of tools and power-ups, the outcome changes drastically. Invincibility used properly has no logical counter. Combine that with advanced mobility and the ability to magnify all of his normal attributes in an instant and it's difficult to foresee many situations in which Mario could lose.

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