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Female Game Developers Share Their Views on #GamerGate

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Developer #7

What does the GamerGate tag mean to me?


It means that I have to wonder, for the first time in over a decade-plus career, who I make games for. Do I make games for people who love immersing themselves in the worlds I help build, or who love having shared awesome experiences with their friends or family? Or do I make games for people who think that I owe them something far beyond the exchange we make of payment for game, things like my privacy, my opinions, and my daily security? Do I make games for people who think that I don't deserve to have an opinion or a voice about games simply because of my gender?

It makes me wonder where all this outrage about corruption has been all these years, when review scores have been changed because of ad buys (I've seen this happen), or early access given for the not-so-subtle promise of positive press (I've seen this happen, too). No, instead there is sudden and inexplicable outrage based on the ramblings of a bitter ex about a young woman who makes indie games who slept with a young man who writes about games, who didn't even actually cover her game, rendering the whole "legitimate journalism" claim completely baseless. It makes me wonder why people are claiming this is only about corruption in journalism, when they not only lost the original claim upon which to base this because it turned out to be untrue, but the targets are consistently women who talk or write about games. It makes me wonder why, if it's about corruption in journalism, there seems to be a focus by some under the GamerGate banner to harass and hack so-called "social justice warriors", and it makes me wonder why it's mostly women in this category who are targeted.

But mostly, it makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with things when an industry that's dedicated to making fun and joy for people is infected with a contingent of people hell-bent on poisoning the town well with harassment and threats. If this is who I'm making games for, it makes me wonder why the hell I should.

Editor's Note: Please consider how your comments and reactions to these statements on this website or on social media can affect people. It is never OK to abuse, bully, harass or threaten people who have the courage to share their thoughts and opinions. I'm placing this note at the bottom of each page to urge all who read it - regardless of their opinions of the statements presented - to do what they can to reduce the amount of bile and toxicity we all encounter on the internet.

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