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Grand Theft Auto: A Pick Your Path Adventure

Evan Hoovler | 2 Aug 2011 13:00
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You pull your pistol, but are not fast enough. The Kung Fu man's fist comes crashing down on your face. Smashing against the floor, you fire blindly and kick with your legs like a screaming baby. After a few moments, your vision returns. A few shots actually hit the Kung Fu man, and he lies in a motionless pile of blood. You shoot him a few dozen more times, just in case he is playing possum. Scrambling up the final staircase, you find yourself in Spoony's private chamber.

Although you haven't been here in years, you find many of the familiar comforts of your childhood still as you remember them: the walk-in humidor where you would smoke with Mr. Spoony every day after school, the refrigerator where you would sneak beers, and the fireplace in which you would throw them up. It's as if Mr. Spoony hasn't changed the place in twenty years. Heck, he still even has the corpse of his dead mother arranged into a sprightly pose, perched casually on her stone casket, legs crossed, a worm-eating grin across her decaying skull. Spoony sits behind his desk, shelling peanuts naked as always. Two enormous bodyguards advance on you.

- Toss a Molotov cocktail

- Hide in the door frame and shoot at their heads

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