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Grand Theft Auto: A Pick Your Path Adventure

Evan Hoovler | 2 Aug 2011 13:00
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Pulling out the hypodermic needle you keep for party emergencies, you inject a pure cc into Ms. Bowman's arm. Security does not seem to notice, and Ms. Bowman is far too intoxicated to even feel the shot. Soon her eyes roll back in her skull and white foam pours from her mouth. Mumbling an excuse, you hand her off to the nearest security guard and make your exit. Blending in with a crowd of debarking passengers, you ring Aaron one more time. Again, he picks up immediately,

"Is she dead?" You can hear panic in his breath.

"I am ready for the final assignment." You really hate people who don't use code words over the phone.

"There is a large shipment being smuggled aboard a jumbo passenger plane, flight 159462. It is supposed to leave in forty minutes. Make sure that doesn't happen."

You stammer, "You want me to take down an entire flight?" You weigh the morality of defending your adoptive father versus killing hundreds of innocent people.

"No, idiot. I just need to keep the plane grounded long enough for my men to remove the shipment. Kill the pilot." With that, Aaron hangs up.

You check the departure screen and find the gate for 159462. You take a minute to feel pride that you managed to make it through the entire airport without dismembering someone. Arriving at the gate, you notice a man in a pilot's uniform standing nearby, talking to two stunning blonde stewardesses. Their beauty has obviously not gone unnoticed by him; he is so busy flirting them up that he has left his bag unattended, several feet away.

- Tell the pilot you are with airport security, and you need to check his bags

- Plant a fake bomb in the pilot's bags

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