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Grand Theft Auto: A Pick Your Path Adventure

Evan Hoovler | 2 Aug 2011 13:00
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The phone rings so many times you lose count. As you are about to give up, a husky voice answers, "Don't hang up!"

"Aaron, my boss needs to call in a favor."

"Anything for Spoony! You name it."

"We've got a tank full of dirty sharks. We need them scrubbed."

"Whoa!" Aaron's voice becomes noticeably softer, "I didn't know you meant an illegal favor! That's different! That's not something I can just go and do, I'm a reputable businessman!"

"Look, he's desperate."

"Ohhh," Aaron's voice returns to its normal confident tone. "I didn't know he was desperate. That's different! I can take care of 'er, I just need you tie up a loose end for me."

"And by loose end, you mean-"

"I left some luggage at the airport. Three bags exactly. You kill the three politicians I need whacked before they fly out, and I'll take care of your shark-scrubbing problem. Understand?"

"The metaphor kind of fell apart, there, but I get it." Hanging up the phone, you put your hand up in the air. A brightly-painted yellow Chevette pulls up in front of you.

- Steal the cab and drive to the airport

- Pay the cabbie to drive to the airport

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