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Grand Theft Auto: A Pick Your Path Adventure

Evan Hoovler | 2 Aug 2011 09:00
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The hot midday sun causes the road to ripple as you cross into the shadow of a fifteen-story tenement building. Barefoot, torn-clothed toddlers seem impervious as they dart in and out between honking cars. Deciding the lobby elevators look too risky, you climb four flights of graffiti-laden stairs, holding onto the handrail until it breaks off in your hand. Banging on CeCe's apartment door, you notice that the peephole is missing. This mystery is soon solved as you find yourself eyeing the barrel of a gun sticking through the hole in the door.

"What?" A woman's voice snarls from behind the thick wooden paneling.

"Mr. Spoony sent me, said you might be able to help out."

You hear the rattling of multiple locks being unfastened. The barrel of the gun recedes into the room, the door swings open.

"Silver sent you, why you gotta say it so loud?" CeCe punctuates her question with a thrusting forward of her hip. You can't help but notice shapely curves between her tight jeans and half-shirt.

Stepping into the room, you realize you aren't the first person to have eyed her curves. The apartment is littered, wall to wall, with children's toys. Stepping around a high chair and through a playpen (where an infant playfully hits your leg with a rattle), CeCe leads you to a small kitchen, where two folding chairs hug a plastic table.

"What's the deal?" you ask in between the wails of a child in the next room.

"A cruise liner is setting sail. One notable passenger is drug kingpin Escondido De La Escobar. Claims he's on vacation, but I know it's a front. He's taking 150 kilos of pure Peruvian platinum into Europe."

"Tell me which dock," you say quickly.

"Not so fast, Papi," Cece says, swinging a leg over the back of your chair and straddles your lap. "Why you gotta rush out?"

- Go to the dock

- Take care of Cece

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