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Grand Theft Auto: A Pick Your Path Adventure

Evan Hoovler | 2 Aug 2011 13:00
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Entering your apartment, you flop down on your bed and instantly fall asleep. You wake up to a police officer's knee on your chest.

"What is your name?"

"Who wants to know?" you reply.

The officer hauls you to your feet and cuffs you. You notice the room is filled with cops, several detectives in coats and ties are rifling through your belongings.

"Do you know a Mr. Silver Spoony?"


"He says he knows you. He says you confessed to him about blowing up the Dwyer building, even showed us some photographs of you at the scene."

"Not Spoony!" The devastation must have registered on your face, as the cop pats you on the head, sympathetically. You kick him in the crotch and sprint out the door. You stumble down the street with both hands cuffed behind your back. Regaining your balance, you begin to sprint, the only notion in your mind being the burning wish to find the traitorous Spoony and kick the life out of him. You clumsily run about a block before a hail of police bullets extinguishes any desires you may have had.


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