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BioShock: A Pick Your Path Adventure

Evan Hoovler | 28 Sep 2011 21:00
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"Houston, come in," you turn a few dials and a fuzzy picture of ground control comes onto the screen, your chief steps into view.

"Commander," gasps the chief, "I thought everyone had died."

"Everyone but this grizzled vet," you gruffly reply.

"Excellent," is his response, "we'll send a rescue transport for you and all the girls you rescued, immediately."

"Girls?" you stammer.

"Surely you were able to rescue some of the captured girls they were using to harvest STEVEN."

"Nope," you state.

The chief's look turns to one of disgust. "What are you, some kind of heartless monster? You can just stay up there for all I care."

The screen blinks out. No amount of dial spinning, pushing, and pounding can bring it back to life. You slump to the floor, wondering how Chief knew about captured moon girls, and are totally caught off guard when a small child stabs you in the back of the neck with a huge syringe.


- Reconstitute

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