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BioShock: A Pick Your Path Adventure

Evan Hoovler | 28 Sep 2011 17:00
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"Why not? After all it is the 70's," you remark, plunging the needle deep into your wrist vein. You fall to your knees, your brain feels like it's made of ice. The brain freeze is worse than 100 of those (recently invented) Slurpees. You pound your head on the ground for several minutes. Finally, the agony subsides.

"By the sounds you are making, I trust that you have now injected yourself in the leg. The juice should slowly make its way to your brain, you might feel a slight head chill. Let's try it out. The babushka tied to that dead creature. Pick it up."

You walk towards the dead creature,
"With your mind." continues the tinny voice.

- Close your eyes and imagine a gentle breeze

- Close your eyes and imagine a claw coming from your brain and picking up the babushka

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