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BioShock: A Pick Your Path Adventure

Evan Hoovler | 28 Sep 2011 17:00
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Grabbing the silver rod causes a red light to come on inside it. A metallic voice comes from the rod, "Transpodence to base. August 13th, 1949. Covert lunar occupation complete. Ready to begin shipping line for construction materials."

As the light on the rod blinks off, you look up and realize a small girl is standing in front of you. You didn't even hear her approach.

"Will you help me?" she coos.

An excited yelp comes from the walkie talkie, "she's one of them. Stick her with the empty syringe and get her spinal fluid!"

- Grab the vial and scramble up the statue

- Stick the syringe in the small girl's back because some angry voice told you so.

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