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BioShock: A Pick Your Path Adventure

Evan Hoovler | 28 Sep 2011 21:00
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You muster up your best John Wayne accent, but the most stinging retort you can think of on such short notice is "come on up and see me, sometime!" You plug a bullet into his chest. The bullet sticks in his vest, revealing his bullet-proof armor. Holding his left hand in the air, Titan cries "exposition attack!"

He points his left arm at you, "did you ever wonder why your spacecraft crashed? It's because last time you were on the moon I kidnapped you, brainwashed you, and programmed you to do exactly as I say."

The shocking piece of information hits you squarely in the jaw, knocking you on your butt.

"I needed it to crash, so that the government wouldn't wonder why you wandered off into the city.

All of this new information is threatening to make your mind explode. You point a weak hand at your opponent.

- Shoot salad at him

- Shoot rainbows at him

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