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BioShock: A Pick Your Path Adventure

Evan Hoovler | 28 Sep 2011 17:00
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A beam of logic flies from your wrist. "Why did you need to hypnotize me? I would've done everything you said anyway. It's not like I have anything else to do, stranded alone on the moon and all."
The alien shuffles back, emitting a painful scream, you advance.
"And why did you call me your foolproof backup plan? If it's foolproof, why isn't it your main plan? Also, since you're so big on backup plans, why don't you have a gold plaque that says "Kill yourself?" that you can show me if things get hairy? Like right now.

The amoebous alien registers what you can only assume to be embarrassment, "I have minions!" it screams, rearing up to full height.

From the corner of the room comes a large mutant man dressed head-to-toe in a diving uniform. He pulls out a gun and aims it at you.

- Push him

- Stab him with the syringe

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