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Pick Your Own Path: Silent Hill

Evan Hoovler | 26 Oct 2011 20:45
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Awkwardly, you shove the heavy ax at the monster. It falls right on the blade, knocking you to the ground but terminating the monster.

"Hello?" you shout, hoping someone hears you.

"Help!" is the muffled response. You weren't really looking to assist anyone, but still you plunge down the dark hallway. Rounding a corner, you are immediately greeted by a blast of burning air. The entire room is on fire. Before you can puzzle about why you didn't notice all this light from outside, you spot a man in the corner. He is standing on a chair as if the fire were a scary mouse. "I'm coming, hold on!" you scream.

- Grab a firehose and spray the blaze

- Rush into the blaze and pull the man out

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