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Pick Your Own Path: Silent Hill

Evan Hoovler | 26 Oct 2011 20:45
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Swinging the beam of your light at the weird creature causes it to emit a cry of pain. You watch it fade, then vanish. Taking a deep breath, you explore the fire station, hoping to find a way to send out some sort of emergency signal. Suddenly, the heavy air is pierced by the wail of a
baby. You run down the hall in search of the source of the sound. It seems to be coming from behind a large, closed door. Smoke wisps drift out from underneath the door. Placing your hand on the knob leaves a searing burn. You try to push the door open but it is firmly in place. The
hallway is filling with smoke that comes from underneath the door. The infant's screams intensify. A dark plume of smokes invades your lungs and you burst out coughing.

- Break down the door

- Search for a side exit

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