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Pick Your Own Path: Silent Hill

Evan Hoovler | 26 Oct 2011 16:45
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Sprinting through the thick fog, you run until you are forced to pause for breath, yet still see nothing. Walking through the fog now, you do hear something faint, you stop and concentrate. You hear screaming, and the faint tones of CCR's "Midnight Rambler." Shocked, you ponder what kind of nightmare scenario you've ended up in: maybe a time loop, or an out-of-body experience, or some sort of alternate afterlife like in that film about that ladder. The screams and music grow louder and louder, until you realize with horror where they are coming from. A dark '77 Firebird bursts from the light, its teenage passengers screaming with glee. As it plows you down, you realize your "nightmare scenario" was "drunk teens with similar music tastes."

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