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Pick Your Own Path: Silent Hill

Evan Hoovler | 26 Oct 2011 16:45
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You tell yourself that you could really use the ax, but deep inside you really just want to smash more glass. You attempt a roundhouse karate kick, but without any training end up slamming your knee against the wall and falling back on the ground. Realizing you truly need a weapon, you
put your toe squarely through the glass. With a crash that was even more satisfying than you expected, the glass shatters to reveal the fire ax. Hoisting it, you realize that firefighters are pretty strong, as it takes you both hands just to lift it. A blur from the shadows catches your
eye in time to see a humanoid figure moving towards you. As it gets closer, the red phone light illuminates its burnt body and worm-infested face. The creature pounces.

- Swing the ax

- Drop all your stuff and run

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