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Pick Your Own Path: Silent Hill

Evan Hoovler | 26 Oct 2011 20:45
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You bring the receiver to your ear and listen. Hearing no dial tone, you exclaim, "help! My baby is missing!" At first, there is no response. You are just about to return the receiver to its cradle, when a cracking comes through on the other end.

"Daddy?" says a child's voice. It sounds like the child is several feet away from the phone.

"No!" you exclaim, "Listen! I have a baby and its missing, I am in a fire station in a place called Silent Hill. I need help, is there a grownup there?"

"I know where your kid is, man," sings the child with the back-and-forth meter of a nursery rhyme, "I threw it in the garbage can."

A click indicates they have hung up. Horrified, you stare at the receiver for a few moments. You jab at the phone buttons, but can get no outside line. Your attention is stolen by a movement in the shadows. A weird humanoid silhouette shimmers in-and-out of invisibility. Shrieking
hysterically, it bounds towards you.

- Hit it with your radio

- Shine your flashlight at it

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